CrickDAO Unique Offering

Cricket fans and investors, are you ready for a game-changing opportunity in the sport you love? Introducing CrickDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization launching on PinkSale Finance, offering a chance to invest in the future of cricket using BNB tokens. This is not just any investment opportunity, it’s a fair launch that levels the playing field for all participants, giving everyone an equal shot at securing a piece of the action.

With CrickDAO, you’ll have access to a transparent and decentralized platform, where your investment decisions and the future of the CrickDAO are in your hands. Invest in the sport you love and potentially earn significant returns as CrickDAO continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

But that’s not all, CrickDAO also offers a unique platform for cricket fans to connect, share their passion and contribute to the growth of the fantasy sport. By participating in CrickDAO, you’ll not only be investing in cricket’s future, but you’ll also have a voice in shaping it.

Invest now with BNB tokens during the fair launch on PinkSale Finance to secure your place in the CrickDAO community and a chance to own a limited edition Board User NFT. This is a rare opportunity to not only invest in cricket, but to also have a tangible representation of your investment and passion for the sport.

Join the revolution and be a part of shaping the future of cricket with CrickDAO. Don’t miss your chance to invest in a fair and transparent platform with endless potential for growth.

Launch Date Announcing Soon…



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Have you always enjoyed a fascinating game of cricket? Welcome to CrickDAO — the largest fantasy cricket game in the metaverse!