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Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have revolutionised the digital arena by offering an alternative to Traditional Finance and introducing digital assets which hold value. They have created an entirely new class of assets with their marketplace and governance, the power which has been bestowed upon the community. But this is not the only area which has felt the spark of this emerging new world. Crowdfunding also saw drastic changes in its structuring and operations.


The first ICO was held by Mastercoin in July 2013 but it really took off with the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) boom we witnessed in 2017. Thousands of projects emerged, sharing their ideas and motivations, and in return, asking for the communities' co-operation in helping them work upon it. Some did the job, some failed, but the crowdfunding scene was changed forever.

Then emerged IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) where the trading exchanges created their Launchpads, scrutinised projects, and launched them, helping them take advantage of their name, as well as their trading volume. Now, since the emergence of Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs) and their ever-growing user base and transaction volume, IDOs have become the new hot thing.

An IDO is what we call an Initial DEX Offering.

It is opening up a new way of fundraising in the cryptosphere by providing permissionless and decentralised crowdfunding. The basic premise around an IDO is that the project launching an IDO will launch its Token or Coin via a Decentralised Liquidity Exchange. These exchanges depend on liquidity pools to carry out trading and swapping activities where crypto and stablecoins can be bought and sold (USDT/BNB is a liquidity pair).

We are glad to announce that CrickDAO is launching an IDO this November.

Coming to how CrickDAO functions- $CRIC tokens and our NFTs act as bridges to participate in the CrickDAO ecosystem. Users can buy $CRIC tokens from our upcoming IDO and using those tokens, they can buy Team Card NFTs to participate in our Fantasy Cricket leagues or stake $CRIC tokens to become a Board User NFT holder. The Board User NFTs come with a limited supply and you are eligible to own one after staking 10,000 $CRIC tokens. CrickDAO will have a supply of 10,000 Board User NFTs out of which 1700 NFTs or 17,000,000 tokens are offered for Public Sale to different communities within the Crypto space. The Board User NFTs give certain privileges as well as governance power to its holders. On the other hand, Gamify NFTs come with an unlimited supply.

Further information regarding $CRIC Tokens and Public Sale

Token Circulating supply at TGE = 25% of sold tokens from Public Sale

17,000,000*25/100 = 42,50,000

Price at Public Sale = $0.025 per $CRIC Token

Amount to be Raised in Public sale = $425,000

Liquidity for listing is 50% raised from public sale = $212,500

TGE = 42,50,000 CRIC = 212,500 USDC

Vesting for 60 days from the date of TGE. This means after 60 Days when all the Publicly sold tokens are vested successfully, CrickDAO will activate Marketplace to claim, trade and mint NFTs.

More details regarding the IDO dates and supporting Launchpads will be shared soon on our Social Media handles and Medium blog.

Stay Tuned!



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