Exciting Relaunch of CRIC Presale with Huge Benefits for Early Adopters

3 min readFeb 20, 2023


Dear members of the CrickDAO community,

As you may be aware, the presale of CRIC tokens on Unicrypt has come to an end, and unfortunately, we did not reach even the soft cap that we set for the token sale. We have carefully evaluated the situation and have come up with a plan to relaunch the presale campaign with some exciting new features that we believe will benefit our early adopters.

Our team has decided to relaunch the presale campaign with a fair launch approach that comes with significant benefits for the first comers to the presale until the launch on Pancake Swap. The presale will be divided into three parts, with a total of 20 million tokens available for sale. The first part of the presale will have two million tokens available to investors at the price of 400k CRIC per BNB. Once this initial two million tokens are sold, the price will immediately shift to 350k CRIC tokens per BNB for the next eight million tokens, and then to 300k CRIC tokens per BNB for the final ten million tokens.

The sale will be live on the official CrickDAO website, www.crickdao.com. Interested investors can click on the “Invest Now” button to secure their CRIC tokens. We have chosen to structure the presale in this way to enable early adopters to benefit from a discounted price while giving us the opportunity to build momentum and reach our hard cap.

We understand that there may be some scepticism from potential investors in the current market environment, which is why we are offering this discounted price to incentivize investors to take part in the presale. Our team is confident in the potential of the CrickDAO project and believes that it has a bright future ahead.

After the first part of the presale is complete, we plan to deploy an extensive marketing campaign to increase exposure for the project. We have not yet deployed any marketing campaigns and have set a hard cap of 61.81 BNB for the presale (Round 1 with 2 million CRIC = 5 BNB, Round 2 with 8 million CRIC = 22.85 BNB, Round 3 with 10 million CRIC = 33.3 BNB). We are committed to reaching this hard cap and ensuring that the CrickDAO project is a success.

We have decided to cancel the current presale on Unicrypt and begin the relaunch campaign with immediate effect. We understand that this may come as a surprise to some members of the community, but we believe that this is the best decision for the project’s future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

We encourage all members of the CrickDAO community to join us in this new journey and help us make this project a success. Your support and trust in our team are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to the future of the CrickDAO project.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Best regards,

The CrickDAO Team.




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