How to transform from Web 2 to Web 3

2 min readFeb 18, 2023

A Fair Launch Approach
In the traditional Web 2 world, startups often have to work hard to create significant value and establish a good reputation before they can access capital markets and go public. This usually involves scaling up from a zero to a ten, where the company must prove its worth before investors are willing to commit.

However, in the emerging Web 3 landscape, the scaling approach is inverted. It’s a ten to zero scaling model, where projects can launch their initial coin offering (ICO) at an early stage, even before they have established a significant reputation or market presence. This allows the community to participate in the project’s growth from the very beginning, monitor its transparency and contribute to its success.
The challenge with this approach is that it requires a great deal of trust and transparency from project founders. There’s a risk that they may sell tokens privately and manipulate the market, leading to unnecessary token dumps and unsustainable bull markets that may end up collapsing.

At the same time, a fair launch model can be a more equitable and sustainable approach. By launching tokens fairly, founders can build trust with the community, and create an environment that supports long-term growth and development. This approach may require a more patient and incremental approach to scaling, but it can result in a more stable and supportive ecosystem for everyone involved.

So, what do you think about the future of Web 3? Do you believe that a fair launch model is the right way to go, or do you see more value in scaling quickly and taking advantage of market hype? Let us know your thoughts!

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